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Intermittent Cable Tester [6]
Four Wire Cable Tester [14]
Cable Tester [5]
Auto Motive Harness Tester [1]
Connector Tester [12]
Precision LCR Meter [6]
Automatic Transformer Tester [1]
Hi-Pot Tester [2]
Inpules / Surge Tester [2]
Dc Resistance Tester [1]
Voltage Drop Tester [1]
Ac /dc Hi-Pot Meter [1]
Ac Power Cord Tester [1]
LED Color Tester [1]
Automobile Lamp Function Tester [1]
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  Intermittent Cable Tester
Precision Voltage Intermittent Analyzer HC-560
4-Wire Measurement
1500VDC / 1000VAC Test Voltage
Intermittent capacity up to 100ns
  Four Wire Cable Tester
Precision Cable Tester HC-6360A
4-Wire Measurement
320x240 LCD Display
Capacitance measurement to 1000uF
  Cable Tester
Cable Tester HC-8685FA++
2-Wire Measurement
320x240 LCD Display
1500VDC / 1000VAC Voltage
New cpu update ,Test speed faster
  Connector Tester
Connector Tester HC-608A
At the same time can test 10 DUT.
1000VDC / 700VAC Test Voltage
320x240 LED Display
2-Wire Measurement------
  Precision LCR Meter
Precision LCR Meter AT-1500
7 LCD Display
20 Hz5M Hz (10mHz Step)
Basic Accuracy 0.05%
Auto level Control (ALC)
  Automatic Transformer Tester
AT-200 AT-200
7 LCD Display
20 Hz300 kHz (10mHz Step)
30 , 100 ,10 /100, 10 /CC
Basic Accuracy 0.05%
  Dc Resistance Tester
DCR Tester HC-2512
Basic Accuracy 0.05%
Four wire Kelvin cable
Chinese menu operation
Blue LCD display
  Voltage Drop Tester
Voltage Drop Tester HC-6600
Max 2A DC constant current source load
The test voltage is +5V constant
128*64 Lcd Display
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